Six Tips for Dealing with Indigestion at Work

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

by Megan Marsiglio

Although bloating, gas and diarrhea aren’t normal to have all the time, we all have days when our guts feel off – and it’s usually a reaction to food (beans, beans the magical fruit) or hormones. The worst is when you’re having one of those off days at work and just have to deal.

When I’m feeling gassy, bloated or have to make multiple trips to the bathroom at work, I make sure I’m equipped with all the essentials to help ease my symptoms (and any embarrassment that might ensue).

Here are my top six essentials I always keep on hand at work:

1. Fowler’s Anti-Diarrheal Oral Suspension: Also known as ‘before anything else’ (BAE) is a liquid formula comprised of activated attapulgite, which is a type of clay that helps to improve the consistency of loose stools. As soon as the diarrhea hits, put back a spoon of this strawberry-flavoured product. I love that it’s a Natural Health Product and it’s approved by Health Canada. The flavour is very subtle and it works really fast to stop diarrhea. I also like that it doesn’t cause constipation – like other anti-diarrheal products that bung you up for days.

2. Heating pack: Heat helps! Heat helps to relieve gas pains by relaxing the gut muscles. I keep a microwavable heating pack at my desk, but you could also reach for a hot water bottle.

3. Ginger: Ginger tea or ginger chews are a great remedy for digestive upset. Whether you’re bloated, gassy, nauseous or having the poops, the active compounds in ginger are what help to soothe digestive pain, relieve gas and reduce nausea and diarrhea.

4. H2O: If you’re feeling really bloated, the last thing you want to do is chug water. But, drinking water actually helps any water retention your belly might be holding. It also helps to get things moving a bit better. In the case that things are moving a little too fast (diarrhea) water is key to ensure adequate hydration.

5. Toilet drops: Pooping, let alone diarrhea, in a public bathroom isn’t like pooping in the privacy of your own bathroom. That’s why I always carry toilet drops with me to reduce any lingering, embarrassing stink. They’re super easy to make, check out this DIY here.

6. Fowler’s Digestive Tonic: For days when I’m experiencing indigestion, Fowler’s Digestive Tonic is an amazing healer. It’s also a Natural Health Product approved by Health Canada and it’s made of peppermint and silica. Peppermint helps to relieve gas, bloating and aids in digestion, and silica helps to rebuild and maintain digestive tract tissue. I like to dilute the solution in a little bit of water and then I drink it before my meal. When I’m at work and experiencing stomach upset, I’ll take it before I have my lunch. I also make sure to have a bottle of this at home so that if I’m having a gassy dinner and want to try and avoid bloating and gas the next day, I’ll take it before I eat.

For days when I’ve tried everything to soothe my gut and it just doesn’t want soothing, I’m happy to head home after work, get on my cozies and lounge on the couch.

A reminder that what works for one person (like myself) may not work for someone else. All opinions and experiences are my own and it you are experiencing any symptoms out of the ordinary, make sure to book an appointment with your health care provider!

More on Fowler’s: Fowler’s is a Canadian family of natural digestive health products, which aim to normalize the function of the stomach and bowels in order to restore natural body rhythms. The active ingredients in Fowler’s products are from high-quality natural sources, with no harsh chemicals that can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

*This post has been sponsored by Fowler’s, but all opinions and experiences are of Megan Marsiglio and The Gut Gazette. The Gut Gazette only works with brands that we truly love!

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