Favourite Pre-Packaged Work From Home Desk Snacks

Well, it's been eight months of pandemic life. Time has felt like it's flown by...but when I look back it also feels like we've been living like this for ages (anyone else feel me!?). Most days I stay in my pyjamas until noon or I just change out of my pjs into sweatpants or spandex. I hardly wear makeup anymore, my hair is in a constant ponytail and I think we've befriended the sushi restaurant we order from. Most days I still forget I have to leave the house with my mask...which I find crazy because it's supposed to just take 21 days to form a new habit...apparently it takes me longer!?

My husband and I are both juggling working from home and caring for our 8.5 month old daughter (yup, she was born a few weeks before we went into pandemic mode). For those of you who also have kids, finding time to eat healthy snacks can be tricky when you're busy...actually, it can be difficult for anybody - regardless of having kids! And when you're working from home, it's so much easier to grab a handful of chips or a cookie as a quick snack instead of pulling out a carrot to chop up or mixing together some nuts and seeds for a fresh trail-mix. But, with everything, healthy snacking can be easy if you buy and plan accordingly.

I'm not going to lie, I still go for a handful of chips and a cookie every so often, but I also keep these pre-packaged healthy snacks close to my desk so that I have better options when I do need a nourishing snack:

Three Farmers Crunchy Little Lentils: Packed with protein, these little pulses are the perfect amount of crunch and saltiness. Also, did you know the environmental impact of pulses is lower than most other protein sources because they use less water!? (Thanks for the stat GI Society).

Joseph's Chocolate Nutless Clusters: I love these for a sweet pick-me-up. They're naturally sweetened with no refined sugars and they have the kick of chocolate that I love.

Healthy Crunch School Approved Granola Bars: I'm always looking for the best allergen-free products and Healthy Crunch tops the charts in this category. I love all of the flavours in this line and I LOVE that 1 bar contains 1 billion active probiotics. They're super tasty and you would never know they only have 2 grams of sugar (naturally occurring)...they also include one serving of fruits and veggies. Oh my, I could go on about these delicious bars - they're the perfect WFH (work from home) snack and I always keep a couple in my purse / Ellie's diaper bag.

Healthy Crunch Tropical Escape Trail Mix: Singing my praises for Healthy Crunch again. I am obsessed with their trail mixes - they're nut-free (and gluten-free) and have so many fun ingredients. I love snacking on this while I'm working, and this was a big hit for me as a hospital snack while I was recovering in the Mother & Baby Unit.

Veggie Go's Strawberry, Chia and Beet Bites: These fruit and seed bites kind of remind me a bit of those dried fruit snacks I would have as a kid. They're chewy and sweet, but also have that crunch you crave for in a snack.

FYI - this post is by no means affiliated with Well.ca, I'm just a big fan of their snack selection (and everything else they have). It's also a great Canadian-based (Guelph to be particular) company that I've loved shopping with during the pandemic.

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