An IBS Journey: Taylor

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you are NOT alone. To do our part in helping spread further awareness about IBS during April’s IBS Awareness Month, we are sharing different stories of various individuals who have IBS.

Today we’re featuring Taylor’s journey with IBS, she has a lot of wisdom to share!

Name: Taylor Cassidy Location: Orleans, Indiana Instagram: @darkhairbrighteyes_

What symptoms do you experience with IBS?

I deal with lower stomach pain and waves of cramping. I go to the bathroom too much for my liking, and sometimes I’ll hurt so bad I almost pass out. It can be very draining.

What has been the hardest challenge with IBS?

Definitely trying to be “normal.” I would love to go out and not have to worry about using the bathroom or possibly cramping so bad I black out, and not worrying about what I eat or drink. That’s definitely been the hardest. I would just love to be “normal.”

What has IBS taught you?

IBS has taught me that I am stronger than I thought I could be. Sometimes people don’t take me as serious in terms of how sick I feel and how painful it is, so IBS has taught me I need to stand up for myself and my body.

How do you manage having IBS on a daily basis?

I deal with my IBS day to day. I try to not have too much stress or worry, I know that makes my stomach a LOT worse and much more vulnerable for an IBS flare up. I take fibre, amitriptyline and bentyl every night and some days I take Imodium if I can’t stop going. As for an IBS flare, if the pain is so severe I get to that point of blacking out, I typically go to the ER and they treat me there. I stay away from spicy foods and carbonated drinks, also dairy milk.

What’s your one “pro tip” for living with IBS?

I say own it. Be completely honest and don’t be afraid of judgement due to the nature of the disorder, it’s just how it is.

What do you wish people knew more about with regards to IBS?

I wish people were more understanding of pain and just how miserable this condition can make you, not only physically but mentally. It comes with a lot. It’s not always what you eat either, it has so many factors that go into IBS. That’s what I wish people knew.

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