Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calendar. Day 11.

Until 2:30pm my day was full of studying for my Human Physiology exam...guhhhh. I was so relieved when 2:30 came around, and I could finally sit down and get my exam over and done with! It was definitely not an easy write...the prof was really testing our brains. Oh well, I'm glad that it's over now!

After my exam and going to the gym, I came home to find that my housemates cooked dinner for everyone! They cooked separate friendly foods for me too! It was sooo nice :)
They made me a plain chicken breast, rice with peas (without the sauce), mashed sweet potato (without the butter) and mixed veggies (without the butter)! It was delicious and so nice to come home to a cooked meal!

The reason for all of this was because it was one of my housemates birthday today- we were just going to have a cake, but they ended up deciding to have a family dinner while I was out. Tomorrow we were supposed to do our Secret Santa, but we also just squeezed that in tonight.

I got the 'Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook'- 150 Gluten free, Lactose- free recipes, many with egg-free variations.
I was so happy when I opened it!!!

Now onto a favourite food of mine that I enjoyed today- which totally does not beat the awesome dinner that I just had.
I had a couple pieces of my favourite gluten free bread toasted with a generous dollop of sunflowerseed butter spread on top. Sunflower seed butter is probably one of my favourite foods, it's a regular in my daily diet.

The bread is from Food For Life, it's the Whole Grain Brown Rice Bread. The bread isn't at all dry, it's nice and chewy, and the flavour is nutty almost. Yum. I would definitely recommend this bread.

The sunflower seed butter is from a company called Nuts to You Nut Butter...they don't have a website which is unfortunate, but it can be found at pretty much any grocery store in the peanut butter section. It's full of protein and it has the same amount of calories and fat as peanut butter- which I like, as I'm not a fan of peanut butter, but peanut butter is a nice high calorie food (which I need) sunflower seed butter is a great substitute.

So, to sum things up...tonight made up for my crappy day of studying and exam-writing. It was really nice to rewind with great friends and yummy food.

Now I'm back at my desk, studying for tomorrow's exam. 3 more to go!

P.S- Have you got all your Christmas shopping done with?
I was listening to the radio this afternoon, and this one lady called in saying that she was finished well in advanced. She shops all year and has a special Christmas drawer- she wraps as she buys...what a great idea eh?
Happily I have finished mine...I can't wait to give my gifts to everyone!

Also- CCK's Artisana Giveaway ends tomorrow!

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